The Ultimate in Playground Peace of Mind

A regular inspection is essential as part of the upkeep of a play area. It is proven to lower the risk, improve health and safety and so reduce the claims made against owners of play areas. Inspections are important as is the follow-up maintenance work that ensures the play area complies with the relevant playground standard.

The Operational Inspection offered by Safeplay looks at all aspects of play equipment in detail, and includes a written report on everything on site, including but not limited to fences, gates, soft safety surfaces and signage. Our report provides an assessment of the condition and risk element of each piece of equipment. We keep photographic records of every inspection or call out, and these are available to our clients on request. We respond quickly to urgent requests should you need an inspection carried out immediately. Daily Visual Inspections can also be handled by the Safeplay team.

Safeplay does not currently offer Annual Inspections as we believe the company that carries out your Annual Inspections should be different from the company that carries out your Operational Inspections. Safeplay feels that an independent opinion is necessary as this can then assess the performance of the Operation Inspection company, something Safeplay is happy to be assessed against. We can, however, recommend Annual Inspectors to you.

For advice on Inspections that best suit your playgrounds, contact us today.