Playground Maintenance

Playground Maintenance To Keep Your Play Area Safe

Playground maintenance is an essential service to help keep your play area safe, and suitable for children to use.

Maintaining safety standards on your playground surface, equipment and other elements including fences and gates are part of the services we provide as a playground maintenance company. We pride ourselves on being one of the playground maintenance companies that takes every step to ensure your play area is clean and safe to use; whether you have wet pour surfacing, equipment and other elements, we can help you with either a regular or one-off play area maintenance service. Upon completion of one of our playground inspections, we are happy to provide a ‘no-obligation’ quote for maintenance, installation or playground repair. All of our installation and play area maintenance work will be carried out by a member of our team, with full RPII accreditation – we also ensure that all of our playground maintenance work complies to the EN1176 playground standards so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Working With Safeplay over these past 4 years has been an absolute pleasure. They have made life so much easier when it comes to playgrounds... ...The Staff and communication lines are incredibly friendly and a great pleasure to work with.
Darren. L - Peabody

What’s Included with our Playground Maintenance?

Our playground maintenance covers the playground equipment, surfacing and any other elements you have in your play area! We will do a full inspection and suggest maintenance work on the other aspects of your play area including equipment – our comprehensive service includes the provision of additional parts and spares to ensure your area is maintained to the highest standard. We will produce a report covering all aspects of your playground, and provide you with a list of suggestions and requirements for things that need to be improved or replaced – which we can then carry out ourselves as part of the play area maintenance programme we offer. As well as the equipment, we also offer playground surfacing maintenance to ensure that the play area itself is up to scratch!


Why Do You Need Playground Maintenance?

Playground maintenance plays a critical role in the upkeep of your play area. As with most things in life, playground surfacing and equipment will degrade over time, especially if it’s heavily used. It’s crucial that any playground undergoes regular inspections and maintenance, which includes checking on the condition of fixings and individual components of any play apparatus and replacing them if necessary. We hate to see children with bumps and bruises, which is why we undertake all of our playground maintenance thoroughly, and with a close attention to detail.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Playground Maintenance?

We offer a fully personalised and bespoke playground maintenance service to match your needs, and ensure that your play area is fully up to scratch. As well as our playground maintenance, we also offer a range of other services to give you the full package – we can help you with repairs, playground cleaning or even help you with a brand new playground installation. If you have an urgent issue with child safety, we are able to respond quickly and are happy to offer our expertise to help you resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Safeplay provide a good quality all round service for playground managers. Monthly inspections are always carried out to the required level of quality and detail... ...The whole team are friendly and approachable and together they provide a great service.
R. Davis - Mole Valley District Council

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